Remind John Waters That He Promised To Leave

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John Waters, outspoken advocate of...whatever suits him at the time, has made a promise that if the Yes Side won in the upcoming referendum that he would emigrate from our fair country, presumably to wage war upon injustice and divilment wherever he finds it. Like a hairy Batman.

Or "Batwaters". 

Thus, we the people must come together to support and advocate for this most noble quest of John Waters to disappear to the ends of the earth (or someplace even further, perhaps even without internet or phones we can only hope-I mean GUESS) in search of moral quandaries, liberal conspiracies and dasdardly radio hosts that only he can set right! 

Join us in signing the petition today! 

Show this most high and mighty shining paragon of humanity that we support him in his self imposed exile in the name of...of...whatever!!!

 For a reminder of the wonderful work our man John is responsible for, look no further than these links:



 (The comments section is representative of each signatory's personal opinion, not the organiser's. Any possible future legal action against the organiser is discouraged as he is already bleedin' broke.)

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