Don’t Erase LGBT History. Don’t Erase the “I’m So Beautiful” Mural.

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Preserve LGBT History, Save the “Divine” mural! ❤️ Baltimore, Maryland. SAVE THE MURAL!

The mural was commissioned and funded by Jesse Salazar, 35, and Tom Williams, 37, a married couple who bought the house as an investment property several years ago. Longtime fans of Divine, they say they commissioned the mural because they wanted both to honor him and to send a message with their art.

“My husband and I asked Gaia to create this mural as a tribute to Divine and the city’s queer history,” Salazar said. “At a time when LGBT rights are being threatened, we hoped that Divine’s beauty would inspire others to know that they too are beautiful  (Via 

John Waters: “Of course I am for the mural,"  "Have been there, taken friends and am fully supportive of the artistic choice of the home owners and the positive influence on the neighborhood.” (Via 

The city’s Commission on Historical and Architectural Preservation, or CHAP, is scheduled to hold a hearing and vote on whether the mural was painted on the up and up. It is located in the Mount Vernon Historic District. 

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