Please allow Virginia inmates to play role-playing games

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Do you know an incarcerated person? Have you been incarcerated? A popular way to spend time is to play games with other inmates. Some want to play role-playing games (RPGs). Inmates at the Powhatan Reception Center in State Farm, Virginia cannot play RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons because the polyhedral dice that are essential for the games are not permitted.

Constructive, calm time in prison should be of paramount concern in today's corrective environment. Role-playing games provide positive social interaction with collaborative goals. Role-playing games encourage imagination, reasoning skills, long and short-term goal structuring, and improved reading and comprehension skills. These are but a few of the benefits. Most notably, role-playing games provide a constructive use of time.

The State of Virginia has banned the polyhedral dice that are crucial to role-playing games. Their stated reason is to stop gambling, yet they continue to sell poker cards on commissary.

Please show your support and help bring reason to an unreasonable situation. After all, everyone wants constructive change.

Sign this petition and let the Virginia Department of Corrections know that prohibiting polyhedral dice is counterproductive.