Help us stop the SPT/Glasgow City Council imposing bus routes against residents wishes.

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A new bus route has been imposed which means residents can't allow their children to play in our residential street. The elderly from the Care Home have their daily walk under review due to speeding buses passing by. Buses now dominate the road in contrast to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. The Police have recieved several complaints from residents of near misses and speeding buses, but are not taking any action until an accident has occurred. Prevention from the Police is a thing of the past.  We the residents contacted the SPT to inquire why a bus schedule was running through Loch Laidon Street and Glen Ogle Street. We were informed that the residents requested this bus service. On canvassing my fellow residents I was surprised to find that not one of the residents requested this bus service. This is the findings that I have discovered why this bus route was implemented. 

1. Loch Laidon St does not meet the road width, construction or curveture to support a bus route.

2.The original bus route was not fit for purpose due to the bus not making its contractual timing points thus incurring fines.

3. The SPT changed the route (to save their reputation) to utilise Loch Laidon and Glen Ogle Streets as a RAT RUN to try and keep the bus on schedule.

4. The SPT finally admitted that the route was changed for financial reasons.

5. A Petition was organised and submitted to Glasgow City Council.

6. Councillors asked that the residents to supply another Petition to be passed to the Petitions Board for a hearing before the City  Councillors.

7. SPT have now agreed to review the bus route.

8. The Petitions Board has rejected our petition under the pretext that Glasgow City Council do not have any impute into bus routes. Glasgow City Council have been in partnership with the SPT since 2011.

9. Finally I have just read the minutes of 2016 that reports the SPT could have operated this bus route £1,676 cheaper than the that of the private operator.

We the residents have been treated with contempt, that we should question the establishments right, to impose bus routes as they see fit.

Please sign my petition as this could happen to your quiet street.