Help East Islip's Class of 2020 have a graduation ceremony!

Help East Islip's Class of 2020 have a graduation ceremony!

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Started by Michael Kilbourne

Through the past 12 years, the class of 2020 at East Islip High School has worked tirelessly to complete their education to the best degree possible. And now, the one ceremony they’ve been looking forward to throughout their whole educational career is being taken away at the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students have had to face the cancelling of all important activities to them, from classes themselves to sports, music events, clubs, and other activities. 

However, there still may be a chance to save this event. Through your help, it may be possible to achieve this ceremony, or even ceremonies, to ensure students can rightfully complete the year as well as maintain the health and safety of themselves and their families. 

Although it’s absolutely important to follow the routine of social distancing in order to promote the health and safety of not only ourselves but also those around us, there can still be a way for students and their families to celebrate the incredible accomplishments achieved at East Islip High School.

With the help of Superintendent Mr. Dolan, proud community members, students, and family members, we may be able to come together and support one another to have an unforgettable ceremony even when it may seem impossible.

We can do our best to ensure students are able to close off their final year of high school the way it was intended they do, with their graduation ceremony. 

697 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!