July 1, 2020
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Started by Jay Keels

June 29th, 2020: Toronto Mayor John Tory and his constituents met to discuss police reform in response to the publics demand for a reallocation of funds to Black, Indigenous, social and mental health programs.

The motion to defund the police by 10% was opposed by Mayor John Tory and 15 other councillors (8-16) while the motion to increase the budget ($50 million) to add body cameras, that the police will not be required to wear or penalized for if obstructing, was passed by John Tory and 16 other councillors. (That's $50 million for a 'take it or leave' accessory and likely other upgrades.)

The reallocation was requested in an attempt to curb Toronto Police from responding to mental health crises to 'de-escalate' situations, as these efforts are often fatal. It is believed that if social programs have more funding Torontonians will have more access to quality social and mental health programs (and practitioners) designed to (with qualifications to) treat, support, rehabilitate and encourage Torontonians before police intervention is required. It can be argued that a lack of accessibility to these programs contributed to heinous Toronto tragedies such as: The Van Attack, April 2018, The Danforth Shooting, July 2018 and The Eaton Centre Shooting, June 201, to name a few. 

In terms of incidents of police brutality there have been 10 reported cases of excessive use of force in Ontario since 1998. Most officers showed up for wellness checks and ended up killing their charges. The most recent death was Ejaz Choudry, by Peel Residential Police in June of 2020. 

Mayor John Tory and a majority of counsellors opposed referendums calling for the ban of use of military style weapons on Toronto Civilians and working with BIPOC led organizations focused on mental health, restorative justice and community based crises prevention. All this comes just shy of the anniversary of the Canadian Governments' massacre and gentrification of the indigenous people.

It seems that Tory and his constituents are intent on supressing Torontonians. Despite the current pandemic and 'stay home' orders, Toronto City Council approved a 4.24% property tax increase in Feb 2020. John Tory states that without an increase of approximately 47% (1.5 billion) the city could be in trouble, but has no problem pledging an additional $50 million to the police for new equipment. 

We are calling for the reallocation of that $50 Million to be dispersed among Black, Indigenous, Mental health and social programs. Now, more than ever Toronto needs support from it's leaders.

Arming enforcers isn't helping Torontonians, it's killing us.

Arming enforcers isn't changing Torontonians for the better, it's scaring us.

Arming enforcers isn't preparing Torontonians for the future, its stifling us. 

Arming enforcers isn't revolutionary, it's this country's oldest solution to change.

We don't want history to repeat itself, 

We want change,

We demand more from our leaders.

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Signatures: 415Next Goal: 500
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