Pedestrian Safety and speed reduction measures along Woodbine Avenue in Toronto.

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Hello Everyone.

As you may or may not be aware, the section of Lake Shore Blvd East where it merges with Woodbine Ave has a long and deadly history of speeding problems. There have been countless crashes, many with critical injuries, and at least 2 known fatalities in the last 15 years. This area is currently zoned as 50 km an hour, however It is not uncommon during the day for drivers to take the corner at 70-80km and even higher speeds at night.

This area is a huge tourist destination during the summer months and with it comes thousands of pedestrians along this very stretch as they make their way to the beach, to see the fireworks, enjoy the pools and play with their kids at Kew beach park.

Within the last 4 months there have been two serious accidents where vehicles have ended up colliding with houses along the East side of Woodbine Avenue between #87-95. As well as in the past few years there have been numerous other occasions where vehicles have struck homes, cars and pedestrians in the area on both sides of the street. In the majority of cases the vehicles were speeding and travelling Northbound.


Two summers ago I arrived home late with my family from a drive in movie, it was about 0230 in the morning- as I went to take my sleeping daughter from the car we heard tires screeching and saw a vehicle fishtailing around the corner and headed straight for us, Thankfully in that instance the driver regained control of the vehicle, but it could have easily ended up the other way.

No one should have to feel afraid that they could be struck by a vehicle simply because they were walking home or working in front of their own house. Having a 4-year-old daughter myself I am nervous every time we walk in this area. I have spoken to many of my neighbours as well who do not feel comfortable walking to and from their homes.


In less than 5 years our house has been struck by 2 cars. The damage was quite extensive and both times the drivers were badly injured. This does not include the multiple cars that have smashed into neighbours homes too, and the concrete hydro poles that are directly outside our house. It’s sad to say but these hydro poles were the only thing stopping these cars from driving into our home again. This stretch of Woodbine is truly terrifying to stand outside of. It’s the only access to get into all of our homes and we have no choice but to use them daily. Even briefly stopping outside to unload groceries, or take the garbage out has become a nerve wracking experience. For every accident that has happened, there have been hundreds of close calls. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, people treat this section of Lake Shore & Woodbine like a highway.

Multiple neighbours have reached out to me to express their concerns about this ongoing issue and it’s about time the city does something about it. We are asking for your help to get the City of Toronto to extend the bollards that currently are in place on the East side of Woodbine until just past #95 Woodbine Avenue and potentially further up the street, as well implementing a long-term traffic calming measure in this area, such as adding an additional light at the junction where Kew Beach Avenue and Woodbine merge and increasing enforcement. We would also like to see the permanent installation of driver feedback signs that warn drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit in the area. Thank you for taking the time to read and sign the petition. Please note that as we find more examples of incidents in the area, we will update the petition.

Kelsey & Angelica