Mayor John Tory needs to ride his bike to work for a week!

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So far this year, 3 cyclists and 17 pedestrians have been killed by cars in Toronto. Among the dead cyclists are a grandmother, a father, and a young athlete with a promising future. They should all still be with us now.

Because of poor infrastructure, bad design, and insufficient planning, thousands of cyclists face real, life threatening danger on Toronto's streets everyday. And, as densification of our city increases and car ownership decreases, cycling is becoming an increasingly common transportation choice for our city's families. Despite this, Mayor Tory only recently said that he thought it is "unusual" for parents in Toronto not to have a car. It is hard for decision makers to understand the dangers cyclists face if they do not live these dangers themselves. The city is changing, and our Mayor's perspective of life in the city must change with it.

Riding his bike to work for a week will give Mayor Tory a glimpse of the dangers thousands of cyclists face in Toronto everyday. Together, we can convince him to do it. This is a matter of life or death, literally.