Install APS systems at every major intersection in Leslieville

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Leslieville is a busy neighbourhood, being near two highways and having several public transit routes. Despite this, it has just 3 out of the city's 845 Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS) systems — accessible crossing devices that use sounds to notify pedestrians when the light turns green. This abysmally low number makes the area largely inaccessible to blind and deaf-blind people. It is a critical safety issue.

The municipal government has done a good job building up infrastructure and improving accessibility downtown. We want to see Leslieville raised to the same standard, starting by installing APS systems at high-traffic intersections in the neighbourhood. Some crucial intersections are Queen & Carlaw and Gerrard & Jones.

Your support for this campaign is the first step forward in pursuing Vision Zero and making city streets safer for all Torontonians.