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First Responders and Gay Rights

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The PRIDE parade is meant for equality, inclusion and expression and no person, group or organization should be banned from such an event especially when based on judgement made by certain groups. All lives matter as a whole, no matter your religion, colour, sexual orientation or career choice. 

I am a gay male who has been attending PRIDE in Toronto for over 15 years and recently have taken part in the Barrie PRIDE. If I were to walk down the streets with my genitals exposed on any given day I would be arrested and charged however there seems to be exceptions with PRIDE in Toronto.

Families attend these parades to show their support for a cause, they bring their children with them who are exposed to naked men and women walking in the parade. I understand women have the right to walk around with their chest exposed and that is okay; walking around completely naked however is unacceptable for both men and women. 

In the city of Barrie the police have been nothing but supportive of the PRIDE parade and it's community and the same is said for Toronto PRIDE. Placing a ban on Toronto police from attending the parade and marching in their uniform is insulting, disrespectful and disgusting. The police have jobs to do and the sole fact that they come out to not only protect the community but to join in and support the community should not be taken away from them.

Each organization and it's members have the right to freedoms, expression, safety and security whether or not waived when becoming an officer or government employee or member of the military. Placing a ban on our men and women in uniform from marching in the parade or having public information booths is only a start to a much larger problem.

If a group of people decide to protest against Muslims participating in the parade would they be forced not to attend or march? What about the Jewish community? What about the black community? 

I am outraged that I have even had to start this petition however unless the following changes are made I will continue with getting signatures to help fight back against the Toronto PRIDE community and it's descion to exclude members of our community.

1. All members are to be welcomed with open arms and open hearts.

2. Full nudity needs to be addressed and dealt with accordingly.

3. All members of the PRIDE community cooperate with equal rights and inclusion. 

4. Police and any other community members be entitled to attend and participate in and with the PRIDE parade and events in full uniform.

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