City of Toronto: Tell our stories in mural art under the Dundas West bridge.

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Residents of Toronto love their Humber River. Especially during COVID-19, it has been a haven for people seeking beauty, exercise and a sense of community. The City has done excellent work with the Humber Trail. The path is clean and safe and it provides many opportunities to learn about the history of the area. 

The increasing amount of graffiti on the walls - for example under the Dundas Bridge - is a subject for reflection. While graffiti art is an art form unto itself, there are many examples where tagging does not represent a collective sense of community. 

The underside of the Dundas Bridge, with its cathedral-like columns, represents an excellent opportunity to reflect the city in an inclusive, artful way. If we were to team up local residents and artists, it could be a win-win for pedestrians, cyclists, tourists, art lovers and historians alike.

To imagine what this could look like, consider the magnificent works by Philip Cote south of the Old Mill, and the panels that illustrate neighbourhood stories at Dundas and Islington/Royal York. Given the history of the Humber River - a place where Indigenous Peoples lived for thousands of years,  and where people flock today to find a natural refuge within the city - this could be a spectacular, instructive and transformative project.

I encourage our leaders to put our community and artists to work. Give them this space, funding, time and permission to create something incredible here, something that displays the stories, dreams and aspirations of all Torontonians.