City of Toronto Broadcast of Azan

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Dear Mr Tory,         

RE: Toronto’s Decision to Allow the Muslim Community to Broadcast Azan           

We are writing with regards to the letter sent by the Bangladesh Canada Hindu Cultural Society (BCHCS) in response to the City's recent decision to allow for the broadcasting of the Azan prayer. Canada has always been home for many Muslims worldwide and the City’s decision to allow for the Azan prayer in the current pandemic has demonstrated Canada’s commitment to allow for the freedom of religion. This new measure has allowed the Muslim community to practice their religion from the safety of their homes.

We are quite shocked by the letter and petition that has been created by the BCHCS, we feel it unfairly targets the Muslim community and paints the Muslim community as an aggressive and uncivil minority. We do not wish for the City’s decision to be viewed as political nor do we have any hate for other groups. The Muslim community wishes to live in peace and harmony with all groups regardless of their faith, colour or belief.  

The letter written by the BCHCS, along with the petition, has made us feel unfairly singled out. The letter suggests that by allowing for the broadcast of Azan, the members of the BCHCS are reminded about unspeakable acts which have happened to them in their country of origin. If such acts were committed on these individuals, we are ready to stand with them like all Canadians to condemn acts of violence fueled by religious hate.

Many Muslims call Canada home and are able to prosper in Canada because of the laws and the Charter, we respect all religions and everyone’s freedom of expression and religion. We feel the letter targets the Muslim community and may have negative repercussions for generations to come. Every year many hate crimes are inflicted on Muslim’s in Canada, due to misplaced anger and misinformation, and we wish to put a stop to this once and for all.


Muslim Community of Toronto