Change The Residential Tenancy Act

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Things Need to change and fast! The rules governing the provincial Landlords and Tenants have allowed bad tenants to flourish for too long. Landlords/owners have little to no rights in the current Residential Tenancies Act and tenants have all the cards stacked in their favour. Help make a change so both Tenants and Landlords are protected. 

Tenancies Act must become more efficient and not let tenants take advantage of the rules and cost landlords potentially tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent and damages. For some landlords these costs have made them miss mortgage payments causing them to have poor credit scores, put them in debt, file for bankruptcy and has even caused foreclosures on their rental properties. 

It’s very risky to be a landlord in Ontario, Canada. There has been story after story of bad tenants destroying properties and playing the current rules to not pay their rent for months or simply do not wish to vacant the property for owners use. Then, when taken to court, they still refuse to leave the property when it was ruled they have to. How do they get away with this? Well if the tenant files an appeal, under the law they can live "rent free" for another 18 days. Then if the landlord (or property manager) is served with a subpoena, the tenant can continue living in the property until there is another court date and so on and so on. This process is financially devastating to the landlord not to mention all the stress and emotional damages this can cause. It's stealing and it has to stop NOW!