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We want John T. Standley, CEO Rite Aid to put African American Hair Products on the Hair Aisle.

Why African American Hair Products are not on Hair Aisle?



We request that Rite Aid on Jersey City allocate our community the proper aisle for African American hair products. The precise details are clearly written below.


 It has come to attention that African American hair products are never placed on the same aisle as other hair products. Moreover, African American women spare no expense when it comes to their hair. Given frequent judgment about it and all the challenges associated with styling and maintaining their hair, we are likely to spend a lot more money on hair as white females, yet, our hair products are limited to a small aisle. In this particular store, it is placed facing the feminine hygiene accessories. This allocation is typical segregation. Otherwise, why would they display it that way?


By accepting to sign this petition, we are moving forward, and fighting for our right, as women of color.  Respect and dignity always.


We request the management of Rite Aid to give African American women form Jersey City a chance to be respected, and equal. After all, we are making your business, and we promise not to disappoint you!


To: John T. Standley, CEO Rite Aid


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  • John T. Standley, CEO Rite Aid

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