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justice for Baley Michael Hayes Wilson

Justice For Baley Michael Hayes Wilson

Baley was a normal 3 year old little boy, he was not asked to be brought into this world, he could run, and play, eat normal food, do all normal thing’s as a 3 year old done, he just had got a bike to learn to ride for Easter of 2010,

But on April 24 2010, was the day he had all he love taken away, he suffered Abusive Head Trauma ‘’Shaken baby syndrome,’’Baley had half his skull removed because of so much swelling he suffered 5 strokes, he is now not walking and in a wheel chair, scoots around on the floor to get around when he is out of his wheel chair, he is not playing in the grass he love to do because he has a tube feed now, he is on 8 different medicines, he had everything taken away do to ‘Abusive head trauma’ (shaken baby).

There is  not one piece of Justice has been brought to Baley because he is a little boy and can’t speak for himself, I look at him and wonder ‘WHY’ no one will help find who has put this baby boy in a wheel chair and took everything away from him, has our JUSTICE system got this bad that a innocent child being so abused and put into a wheel chair they just ignore it and go on about a normal life while little children and left to just live and have to have their life’s taken away and not become what God wanted them to be, I can’t comprehend why that our  system in not frighten more for children, to help get the Justice they deserve, Shaken baby is not an accident .

We would like to push to find what happen to our Baley and see some Justice served for him, I know I am just his Grandmother but no one else will fight for what happen to him. It is been 3 years and not one soul is stood for what happen to Baley, he is the only one who suffered for this, he has got a life sentence for what happen, He is been through 7 surgery’s and still has his skull gone, and more surgery’s to go through. He is just now talking some, he is not eating much just French fries and bake potatoes, some chips, he is in a wheel chair, he is on a feeding pump, just when needed now, he has no use of his left side, he does not walk, he is been in Diapers all his life because of this, Baley is 6 years old now and the person who Abused Baley is living a normal life. There is something very wrong with this it just tells the person who done this to Baley they can get by with anything they do.

Please I am writing this hoping that someone will just investigate this and help find some truth to what happen to our little Baley, he did have a future and could of become whatever he wanted to be, but his plans was changed because of an Adult and did not ask for this, as a child we punish them for little thing to teach them right from wrong, but as an Adult we get by with things we know are wrong, because the legal system let the guilty off,     I plead and pray that someone will look into this and help fight for Baley, My little Angel, he deserves better than what he got, some justice for what happen to him.

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    John R Kasich (governor of Ohio)

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