It's time the West Australian police take violence against women and children seriously.

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I have experienced some of the most neglectful, lazy, inept police responses to violence inflicted upon myself, a mother and my four children. I live in Perth.

This is a link to a video I made that I believe explains a lot. It's only a few minutes long and unfortunately this is the closest my children and I will get to justice and any acknowledgement of the seriousness of our suffering. 

I want the Australian people and in particular West Australian people to be aware of this.

My children have been denied a voice by the police and left scared, wondering why the police won't protect us. This violent dangerous man is free to carry on. 

What you are listening to in the video  is not illegal according to the West Australian Police.

What you are seeing isn’t worth pursuing when the only witnesses are a mother and her four children.

Please save any criticism you may have, if like the WA police, you find this behaviour acceptable.

I am not from Western Australia and I find this to be incredible. 

I haven’t shared the physical harm we suffered when we foolishly got in the way of his fists.

Fingers crossed he doesn’t end up teaching your kids (yes, he’s a teacher) or someone you know doesn’t become his next victim.