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Put the people at the heart of democracy, politicians are not the experts the people are.

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People are fed up with politicians for many reasons. Did they need to get specific qualifications to do their job? No, only your vote. When it comes to making policies and laws that we all have to live with do they always have a full picture to work from? Legislative Theatre puts us at the heart of government. If you thought politics and politicians are remote then Legislative Theatre addresses this enabling our real participation in democracy. It gives us a Listening democracy. It is an idea whose time has come.

Legislative Theatre puts us, the people, at the heart of government by using our knowledge and skills to play out laws or policy, testing them in a human context, looking at them creatively with many real scenarios and seeing if they stand up to “interrogation” from our real perspective.

Put a human face on UK government now. Allow the “experts” that's you and me, the people to help make or scrutinize law and policy. Test them to see if they really work for us.

If we can make this work we can help craft a fair and just world to live in, a real democracy the whole world can aspire to.

If we don’t make this happen we are back to the same old battle of the giants with its winners and losers. We are left standing on the side-lines cheering or booing with out any power till an election is called.

John Bercow, as speaker of the House of Commons has the remit to help promote democracy he has the power make this happen.

Please ask John Bercow to give Legislative Theatre for the UK parliament a try.

For more information search Legislative Theatre

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