Revert Back To Baker High School’s 2017-2018 Rules Help Us Highlight Our High School Years

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moral of the story is, these uniforms are doing absolutely, entirely TOO much. It’s just wrong that a new principal can storm in our school and change the best thing about Baker High School. You’re causing more problems for some families who can’t afford that many polo/button down shirts, along with this new outerwear rule. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a different color jacket, as long as there’s nothing offensive written on it. I can guarantee this is not how you would want to start off your first year as principal with everyone hating you because of these new rules that you think are better. I know you probably don’t care about kids liking you, but that’s how you build bonds with students & that’s one thing Mr. Richarson did well. This is honestly the most ridiculous thing & even the parents are agreeing with us. The lenient uniforms was the best thing about Baker that all the kids loved and you’re stripping that away and causing a terrible high school experience for those who’ve been there for 2+ years with these drastic changes. You need to reconsider these changes and go back to the things we’re accustomed to & love.This man used to be a middle school principal & came to Baker still in a middle school mindset. I think one thing he needs to understand is high school is TOTALLY different from middle school. You have kids who are almost grown about to graduate and you’re still treating them like little kids. That’s absurd. I’ve been told by many that high school is supposed to be one of the best parts of your life & with all these stupid rules, our once fun school, now feels like a prison that’d we’re subjected to be in the whole day. Most adults are confused as to why this generation doesn’t like school as much as you’d think, and it’s because of reasons like this. You say that we’re not supposed to have our phones out in the hallways, you say we’re not supposed to have our phone out in class, and now you’re going so far as to saying we’re not allowed to have them in the lunch room? Yes, I do agree that my generation is connected to their phones, but that’s just something we’re accustomed to simply because this is what we grew up around. You say we can’t have headphones in our ear walking the hallways. But answer this question for me, who is that hurting in any way, shape, or form?Why is us listening to music on our way to class such a big deal? For baker to be such a large school with a large population of students, some of these students have anxiety when it comes to being around large groups of people. I know I do, if i’m not zoned out on something, I will have a panic attack. Music is a stress reliever and is an important thing to have at school. It’s not playing out loud for everyone to hear, it’s literally in our ears and you can’t hear it. I understand why you say no headphones in the classroom, but that should only be during instruction. If we’re doing work by ourselves, we should be able to quietly listen to our music. With music in my ear while i’m working, I know I won’t bother anybody else or try to talk to anybody else bc i’m concentrating and having my music block out other people. Another thing, you’re telling the teachers we can no long have hall passes, they have to write a personalized note everytime a student wants to leave the room for whatever reason. This, is also an absurd rule. When a teacher is in the middle of a lesson and someone has to use the bathroom, he/she now has to stop the lesson just to right a pass for one student. Usually when one person goes to the bathroom, other people follow, that’s taking up our instruction time in getting our lesson that we need. If anything there should just be a sign out sheet instead of having the teacher stop his/her lesson. You’re doing too many unnecessary things and making too many unnecessary changes. We cannot grow up and mature of you’re trying to treat us like little kids. You’re ruining the high school experience for us & you’re causing more problems than you think. I strongly suggest you listen to the students of your school and help us the best way we can. That was the best thing about Mr. Richardson & that’s why we loved him and cared about him, he listened to us and tried to help us solve problems we saw, that he couldn’t see. My freshman year I was apart of the Principals Advisory Group and two representatives from each grade level came and presented problems to him and he helped solve most of those problems and actually listened to us and built a bond with us. I believe this is something you need to do, because the more rules you add, the more kids are going to rebel and cause more problems. Please, for the love of God listen to us and help us make high school the highlight of our lives.

Sincerely, the whole baker population.

(written by a c/o 2020 Junior)

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