Create an Official Veteran's Office

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The status quo is not enough!           

    A little respect would be nice.

There is NO veterans office on this campus. 74 percent of colleges/universities in the US have veterans offices established and functioning. Loyola is not one of them. A veteran student requires about 12 times the amount of bureaucratic leg work than the average student does. Plus, it is a specialised kind of work. So it makes life difficult and overwhelming for the staff member(s) whom the work is dumped on to, which they were not hired or trained to do. Thus, not having this office poorly serves the veteran community and makes life much more difficult for the veteran community. Having a veterans office on campus would be all it takes to acknowledge the significance of our service, for the most part, but no that’s too much. 

       A little respect would be nice.

The nice thing about having veterans attend Loyola University Chicago is that the institution receives guaranteed money from the US government. That’s great for a university that charges 50K a year. So lets say that there are about 200 vets on campus, but they do not house on campus. That would make tuition around $40,000 a year and over 4 years that’s $160,000. So 200 vets at $160,000 comes to roughly $32,000,000 that loyola authority gets to bank, which equals lots and lots of money. So it seems to me that Loyola is looking to reel in some more of these veterans so that they can pocket the guaranteed money that accompanies them. Now, they aren't doing something everybody else is doing, and also what they are not doing is acknowledging the significance of our service.

            A little respect would be nice

So if the motivation, to attract veterans to enroll in this university, along with their benefits that are so cherished by "non-profit" universities, then Loyola authority should pay us the small courtesy of establishing a veterans office on campus. There are like 17 different prayer rooms on campus, but Loyola authority can't find a little space for those who have sacrificed at the minimum their autonomy? There is a reason why civilians can walk around taking their safety for granted as if it were a right. Again;

            A little respect would be nice.

We urge the President and Provost of Loyola to find the resources to create an office dedicated solely to the student veterans of Loyola with an annual budget, salaried staff and office. Anything less is a disservice to the spirit of this petition. 

Co-Authored by Vincent Wilmes, thank you for his help in creating this petition and allowing certain passages to be used. 

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