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Bring Back Oiler Hour to PHS

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Oiler Hour was implemented in Pearland High School during the 2017-2018 school year; this program allocated an hour worth of time for a student's personal use. A student could now receive additional tutoring, walk around with friends, rest for a while, or have more time to eat their lunch. By implementing this system, kids who do not have the privilege of staying after school can now use Oiler Hour to their advantage and finish classwork, homework, missing work, or absent work. Additionally, this program provided much needed time that alleviated stress for many students by giving them time to practice, study, collaborate, and succeed. In addition to that, many students that are involved in extracurriculars with a rigorous schedule, such as band, are now able to get much needed practice and time for schoolwork. Extracurriculars are also dependent on Oiler Hour, because it gives them a time and place for all students to come to their club, society, or organization. Additionally, Oiler Hour gives students access to all of the club, societies, and organizations offered at Pearland High School, because majority of students do not have the privilege of staying after school for such activities. Oiler Hour was a system that students used to spend time with friends and get work done; this system promoted growth, participation, and happiness across campus, because more time was given to the student body to get work done. By signing this petition, you value Oiler Hour and want it to come back; additionally, if you sign this petition, then state why you believe Oiler Hour should come back.

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