Refund unjust charges of $734.08 brought against Dakoda Weisbeck

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Please tell The Hertz Corporation and/or the CEO John P. Tague to REFUND the $734.08 in charges brought against Dakoda Weisbeck.

I was in a car accident on February 1st, 2015. The accident was not my fault. The other person's insurance covered costs and agreed to pay Hertz for 10 days of a rental. I got the car, 2013 Toyota Yaris, on February 12th, and I returned the car on February 21st, on a Saturday.

I was not informed that they would be closed. However, a mechanic noticed me standing confused outside of the building and had instructed me to leave the car, lock the doors, and place the keys in the dropbox. So I did.

A few weeks later, the automated threatening phone calls came. I kept trying to figure out what was going on. I had called the specific location multiple times and I was reassured that they must not have closed out the contract so they went looking for the car.

The phone calls never stopped. Eventually, I was fed up so I personally went to the location. Only once I got there was I informed that the vehicle was stolen off of the Hertz lot. I have access to the Fort Worth PD police report, dated February 23th, 2015.

Report #: 150017575

Report Date/Time: 2/23/2015 43:80

"On 2-23-15 Officer was conducting business check of a local business and observed a vehicle in the parking lot that was running. Subsequent investigation revealed that the driver who had care, custody and control of the vehicle was not on the rental agreement. A hold was placed on the vehicle for Commercial Auto Theft for further investigation."

Click here for the Fort Worth PD Police Report search form.

The car was taken to an impound lot and (I guess) was not retrieved by Hertz till early April. Then, after they retrieved the car, they finally closed the contract. I was charged $734.08 for 52 days of use, 42 days of unauthorized. I was charged for a property that was stolen off of the owner's own property.

Dakoda Weisbeck - Bank Statement Showing Charges

Dakoda Weisbeck - Hertz Invoice Showing Charges

I disputed the charge and submitted all of the paperwork I had and waited patiently, up until June 18th.. I was told by the Hertz rep that everything would be okay.. Well, I lost the dispute. $734.08 was taken back out of my account. I am in debt once again.

This is absolutely outrageous. I did nothing other than what was instructed of me. I do not see how I am at fault. I literally just graduated High School on June 7th of this year and I am working a full-time job to support myself. I cannot afford this debt. I do not live at home nor do I have parents to pay for my every little need. I am on my own and now I am crashing all because of this ridiculous charge by Hertz.

At the moment, I am going through a very rough stage. I am transitioning to a new job aswell as to a new place to stay. My time at my current household is up so I must secure my own apartment by July 15th. My own place wasn't originally a financial issue until this Hertz charge hit my bank account. I can no longer afford to live on my own but I have no choice. This is literally my last hope.

Thank you! -Dakoda W.

Please tell The Hertz Corporation and/or the CEO John P. Tague to REFUND the $734.08 in charges brought against Dakoda Weisbeck.

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