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Stop Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) from taxing Canadian

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CBSA resources are greatly misused to collect tax for returning Canadian that has been being outside Canada for less than 24 hours.

Under the law, any good purchased in United States is subject to tax if the traveling Canadian is outside Canada for less than 24 hours. CBSA is doing their job, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

But, lawful does not necessarily means itis a smart move. That is exactly why this need to be changed, for the following reasons:

1. This gives CBSA bad label. How many times we heard that people saying: they are only collect tax, when talking about CBSA?

2. It is a losing business. for ordinary Canadian cross border shopper, what would be the tax on a $200 goods? $30 maybe? And how many money spent on collecting this? Two or three offices, each cost probably $100/hour, 10 minutes each. That is $35 minimum! I am sure nobody would take this business if CBSA would subcontracting this service.

3. It drains the CBSA resources for other more important tasks like stop drug, crime, etc.

4. It creates inconsistency as everyone knows that you can't tax everyone. People lives in border area certainly experienced this inconsistency. Inconsistency is not just annoying, but irritating, damage the public relation of the entire CBSA.

Thus, I believe a $200 exemption for any Canadian regardless how long he or she is outside Canada makes a lot more sense than the current system.

We need change!

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