Objection to Active Travel Scheme being implemented on the Hersham By-Pass A244

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Active Travel Scheme's are being introduced as part of Central Governments Covid-19 to get more people to walk or cycle. Surrey CC were successful in being granted funds for various schemes within the county, many were not implement due to communities protests.

However, the SC Councillors for Hersham& Esher have brought in changes to the A244 between Hersham and Esher  despite initial public concerns. The road is a major artery linking a large part of the borough of Elmbridge and is very busy at most times of day, even more so at peak times, and when events are being held at Sandown or when there are issues with the A3/M25.

Any backlogs that may/will occur will  impact on the surrounding area, recently there was a major fire on part of the approach into Esher which resulted in both lanes and beyond being backed up, and all roads leading to the Hersham By-pass were gridlocked.

The council have proposed taking part of the dual carriageway down to one lane for motor vehicles  to widen the existing cycle path.  This however, this has not been maintained by SCC. 

Residents are in agreement that a crossing is needed especially where there  was a tragic fatality in 2018.  This should be a  light controlled crossing so that the pedestrian is able "control" the traffic. A feasibility study was started in 2019 to look into the funding of such a crossing this was scrapped in July this year as a result of funding for the ATS under this scheme 3 safe haven points are going to be put along the road which offers the pedestrian no safety to cross the proposed one lane of traffic travelling closer together. The community have also asked for average speed camera's to be fitted to help keep speed down on this road.

SC councillors are putting forward a claim that this scheme will reduce the speed of vehicles which is not what the scheme was intended for it is not a road safety scheme. The build up of vehicles at peak times will create more pollution, which the ATS are supposed to be reducing pollution.

To date the councillor responsible for signing off the scheme is no listening to local residents concerns regarding the impact on the area, we have been told this is a trial and will be reviewed. However, the work has started on some of the permanent fixtures.

As a community we feel that this is being implemented during the Covid-19 crisis as there is central government funding and this should have been delayed until at least September when the schools go back, and there is already a steady build up of commuter traffic as more people are returning to work.