The Employment Benefits

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Once the CERB is exhausted,  thousands of individuals will be switched over to an EI claim.  Anyone that is working,  will have FIFTY percent of their wages deducted from their EI claim.  An example,  if a server earns $160 weekly from EI and they earn $200 weekly from their job, $100 of that will be deducted from the EI earnings.   Leaving them with $60 from EI.  I'm asking the government to change the allowable earnings before deductions.  

Especially since the government has dictated to restaurants and bars, that they can only operate at a fifty percent capacity. There are thousands of individuals who are not back to their jobs and of which thousands who are working with reduced shifts and hours.  

The EI system is barbaric and outdated.  An ROE is not a true weekly earning for server's and bartenders, as their gratuities are claimed on their yearly income tax returns. Thus lowering the EI earnings.   There is also a one week waiting period to collect any earnings from EI. This needs to be removed. 

We Canadians are in a crisis and need our government to change the system to help us, NOT penalize us at this time!  

I have contacted John Nater's office, as well as Premier Trudeau's office.  I now feel that a petition is needed to get their attention!

So I'm asking Canadians to sign the petition for the needed change in our EI system. As I've used servers as an example,  this petition is for all Canadians who are affected by thos system.  I feel the urgency is now, especially since the Trudeau government announced on August 18 2020 to PROROGUE parliament until September 23 2020.  Unacceptable during the crisis Canada is currently experiencing.