Enable foreign nationals and dual citizens to fly home

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Due to the corona-pandemic, people have been stuck in places that aren't their homes for weeks at this point. This petition is aimed at the Namibian Government, to enable commercial airlines, in this case Qatar Airways, to land in Namibia to collect foreign nationals and dual citizens with their centre of life in countries other than Namibia in order to go home.

The list of people who are currently stuck in Namibia due to the countrywide borders closures is long, and a lot of people are reaching the end of their financial means to support themselves in a country that isn't their home. 

For me, this petitions means being able to return home after being stuck in Namibia for 2 months. My life, work and university are all located in Germany. However, because I am a namibian citizen, I was unable to partake in the repatriation program of the german republic. I was unable to get the travel permit I needed to leave the country, because the Ministries in Namibia were closed due the nationwide lockdown. Now, I have a chance to go home as Qatar Airways is looking into organising a flight from Windhoek to Doha and then on to Frankfurt, but this is only possible if the Namibian Government and the Department of Transport agree to let them land here. 

Please sign this petition to help myself, and countless others who are stuck in the same situation I am to be able to go home.