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Release My father from North Georgia Detention Center immidiately!

My dad, Alejandro Chavez-Pineda, was involved in a car accident, and he was arrested for not having a driver's license. My dad has been here for more than 10 years, and he has no criminal background, and qualifies for the Morton Memo. Please sign this petition to ask ICE to release him.

He has a baby daughter that is just 3 months old. He is a hard working man, and an awesome father. I want to bring him back home as soon as possible. His family needs him. Help my cause by signing this petition. He qualifies for the Morton Memo. He is low priority. Why is he still being detained?

Please sign this petition, and call the National ICE and let them know my dad, Alejandro Chavez-Pineda is low priority and that we will hold them accountable for their actions. We need to unite and show them we are not afraid and that we are fighting for our loved ones. Here is the info for you to call:

Call ICE - John Morton's office: 800-394-5855
Janet Napolitano office : 202-282-8495

Here is what to say:

"Hi I'm calling to ask that Alejandro Chavez-Pineda be released from North Georgia Detention Center. According to the Morton Memo, Alejandro Chavez-Pineda is low priority for deportation. He has been in the U.S for more than 10 years, and has a clean criminal record. Alejandro Chavez-Pineda is a father, and is low priority for removal why hasn't he been released? The media is interested in his case, and we will go public with his case."

In advance, thank you so much for your help,

Diana Chavez


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  • John Morton(Director of ICE) Janet Napolitano( Secreaty of ICE)

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