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Don't Deport Saul Isaac Azucena Cea Husband and Father of 3

Saul Isaac Azucena Cea...A#205-151-413 LaSalle Detention facility Jena LA. Master hearing is in New Orleans march 2013. Saul came here in 1999 From El Salvador. We met in 2000 had our first son Isaac in 2003 got married in 2006 had our second son Daniel in 2008 and our youngest son Jonathan in 2009. Saul has worked on the same job since 2000 and works long hours to support his family. He is a great husband and a loving father. We need him to stay here in our lives so that our sons can grow up with their father and become the great man that he is. Saul wasknowkcing on his cousin's dorr awaiting to go inside when an officer confronted him. The Officer claimed Saul was knocking "Too Hard" and so the officer proceeded to pick him up for Public intoxication ON HIS BIRTHDAY However was never given a breathlyzer nor any other test to prove that he was publicly intoxicated when they arrested him. The Arresting Officer immediately called ICE From his cellphone to have Saul be picked up. This man is not a threat and should not be looked at as one. Everyone likes to celebrate their birthday. We need your help in gaining signatures on this petition to help my husband remain with me and our three sons in the United States to raise them together as a family!


Saul has been granted a change of Venue for his court date now it will be located in Memphis Tennessee on March 7th 2013!!!!

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    Janet Napolitano
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    John Morton
  • Sylvia Bonaccorsi-Manno

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