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Please stop the deportation of Rodolfo Zavala!


Rodolfo is a grandfather of three U.S. Citizens -- two year old Olivia, five year old Eva, and seven year old Damien. He has lived in the United States since 2004, and has been a major influence in the life of his twenty-two year old daughter and twenty-six year old son.

Throughout his American journey, Rodolfo worked hard to contribute to his community and to be a part of the American dream. He is a soccer coach and organizes games for the recreational soccer community that respects and loves him so much, encouraging teamwork, discipline, and physical education in teenagers and young adults.

Rodolfo was pulled over one day while driving home. His immigration status was checked and he was sent to a detention center for a week. After the bail was paid, he was given a court date and a lawyer was hired. The lawyer appealed to the wrong court, and a date was set for the other one, which the lawyer forgot to notify my father of, so the date was missed.

Rodolfo is now facing deportation because of a negligent lawyer, who is now being sued. However, the judge will not even listen to his case.

Rodlolfo has no criminal history and represents absolutely no threat to his community or to this nation.

Please grant deferred action and stop the deportation of Rodolfo Zavala (A# 088-843-626).

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  • John Morton, Director of ICE

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