Lets get Les Tomlinson recognised for the great work he does at Sheffield Boxing Centre

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The most significant thing about Les Tomlinson's service to his local community in Sheffield is that on first glance his contribution seems unremarkable. The reason for this is that Les is a modest man, who leads a quiet life & does not keep scrapbooks cataloguing his achievements. However, when you examine the impact he has had on the lives of young Sheffield people & look at how he has influenced them to become better people, his achievements deserve to be rewarded.

I say this because Les has dedicated 36 years of his life to his love for amateur boxing. And this love is not borne solely out of a love for the sport, but a love for what the sport can do to develop a young person's character.

 In her 2016 Christmas Speech her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, commented that she often 'draws strength from meeting ordinary people doing extraordinary things: volunteers, unsung heroes whose quiet dedication makes them special. They are an inspiration to those who know them, and their lives frequently embody a truth expressed by Mother Teresa who once said: ‘Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love’.

With her Majesty's comments in mind, Les - in addition to running his own auto-electrical business - has

 For 36 years, volunteered 4.5 hours minimum every weekday, plus 4 hours every weekend to coach boxing to Sheffield youngsters. This amounts to over 50,000 volunteered hours since 1982
Coached around 70 youngsters per year, amounting to over 2,500 youngsters coached since 1982
Found time to represent both Parson Cross ABC & SBC by running in 18 full & half marathons & raising £9,000 for charities like McMillan Nurses, Sheffield Children's Hospital, Cancer Research, Sheffield's Thornbury Hospital & the RNLI
Become an important part of a small, committed team of SBC volunteers who annually put on Charity Fight Night for Sheffield Children's Hospital. This initiative has been hugely successful & has raised £42,335 for very sick children.
Developed himself as a boxing coach, at personal expense to himself, by getting highly respected boxing credentials, such as his ABA Amateur Assistant, Amateur Full, Amateur Seniors & Professional Trainer qualifications which qualify him to coach at international tournaments