Get Mick King recognised for the great voluntary work he does at Sheffield Boxing Centre

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Mick King is an ordinary man who does extraordinary things. I believe it is time to get him recognised for the great work he does within Sheffield. And with your help we can!  

Working purely as a volunteer at Sheffield Boxing Centre (SBC) for the past 8 years - & clocking up some 12,000 hours in the process - Mick has been instrumental in organising countless SBC fundraising events & raising thousands of pounds for his local community 

The appetite & energy that Mick shows for selflessly helping others is something many have commented on over the years. However, when placed alongside several stressful events that have occurred in his life, it is quite remarkable that he has any time left at all to raise funds for deserving causes. For example:
 - In 2001 Mick's wife Michelle, an experienced & skilled nurse, was diagnosed with breast cancer which led to her receiving lengthy treatments of radio & chemotherapy
 - in 2009 Michelle was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Despite having had part of the tumour removed she has a limited life expectancy.  
 - Mick takes adults with learning difficulties to football matches at Sheffield Wednesday FC & then supervises litter picking with them after the game. Mick's son Elliott, who is now 27, is one of the adults he supervises. Elliott, a fanatical Sheffield Wednesday fan, suffered complications during birth, which led to him being diagnosed with learning difficulties such as Autism, Dyslexia/Dyspraxia and Bataphobia - all of which has left him dependent on his family for care & support

As mentioned above, it is time for this ordinary man to be recognised for the extraordinary work he does - with your help we can get him the recognition he richly deserves