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This petition calls upon Minister John McCallum and the Federal Government of Canada to stop Brother Raheem's deportation and all unjust deportations.

Brother Raheem is being deported to Georgetown, Guyana on Monday November 28 2016 from Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada. He has not resided in Guyana for over 30 years, and as of right now, he is a 60 year old disabled man, with severe health issues, who has no where to go, no relatives to receive him or a place to live when he arrives in Guyana. 

Brother Raheem and his wife have contacted Minister John McCallum's office. At this point we ask the community to come together and sign this petition and demand the Minister to intervene and help with this case. We are requesting a Stay on Deportation which will give Brother Raheem and his wife of 8 years enough time to appeal a stay under Humanitarian Compassion Grounds and apply for sponsorship and Permanent Residency. 

After applying for sponsorship, Brother Raheem was not able to follow up with his sponsorship program due to an ongoing court allegation which had him staying away from his wife residing with a surety/guarantor and subsequently his sponsorship was denied. He was placed under immigration detention and during his incarceration had to undergo eye surgery. His treatment post surgery was delayed due his transfer from the detention center to jail and with the lack of medical attention, he became permanently blind in his left eye 3 weeks after surgery. Now, his right eye is also at risk with multiple chronic medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension, which if not taken care of properly can lead to serious consequences including the possibility of death. 

He is being deported to a country he has not resided in over 30 years and will not be able to attend to his medical conditions if forced to return to Guyana, let alone start a new life. Brother Raheem also has no social support network there as he has been ostracized from his own community and family for marrying outside of his own faith. 

This is a man, who is a law abiding member of the community, has contributed greatly to the economy with his skills as a Mechanical Engineer, who moved to Canada in a healthy state but is now being deported with deteriorating health back to a country where reaching the age of retirement he will have to start a new life from scratch.

We pray that no one should have to experience the trials and hardships this family is enduring and encourage the community to step up and demand justice for their fellow brothers and sisters.

Brother Raheem has not been working since his deportation letter came in and urges the community to financially support him. All your donations will go to cover food, rent, transportation, legal services/tools such as lawyers and campaigning costs. We also accept, Zakah and Sadaqah.

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If you would like to reach out for support/advice/media inquiries/prayers/wishes/donations please contact Raheem and his team:

(647) 781-8448 - Iqra (Campaign Manager)

Read Raheems full story:

Brother Raheem met his partner and now wife back in 2007 in New York. They were highschool sweethearts who met up after 32 years of separation and no communication. The marriage ceremony was done religiously under Islamic guidelines and Raheem moved back to Toronto, and was advised to follow and apply for refugees status in Canada by an immigration consultant. Upon arriving , he applied for an in land sponsorship after paying a fee of $5000. At this point Raheem also received a valid work permit and immediately started working as a heavy equipment mechanic. He is still presently employed. Brother Raheems refugee application was withdrawn by their fraud immigration consultant. Brother Raheem was later charged in 2011 with allegations made by his wifes teenage children. He paid for his own lawyer, close to $70,000 to clear his name. Eventually the sponsorship interview came about and neither one of them could attend due to the ongoing court case.

Because of not responding to the interview letter, in 2012, Brother Raheem was placed in immigration detention for several months. The same year he also underwent eye surgery performed on his left eye.

Luckily the heart attack was brought under control. However, when Brother Raheem should have been resting and properly recovering he was forced to stay sitting up in detainment for more than 12 hrs a day, in an uncomfortable cell for months. Due to the lack of Medical supervision, he has become permanently blind in his left eye, developed high blood pressure, diabetes, and various ailments due to the stress and lack of support that he has experienced in Canada. Brother Raheem and his wife also approached their local ridings MP Bill Blairs office but did not receive any response.

In February 2016, all charges were withdrawn against him. He is now been placed on a deportation order to leave Canada on November 28, 2016 from Pearson International Airport to Georgetown Guyana, where he has not resided in over 30 years. As of right now, he is a 60 year old disabled man with severe health issues who has no where to go and, no relatives to receive him or a place to live when he is deported to Guyana.

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