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Tell Congress to stop pushing for war with Russia

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Leaders of the United States government are insisting that actions be taken against the alleged Russian hacking of the U.S. election. Despite providing no evidence of the election being compromised, and much less the DNC and RNC, leaders are now attempting to rally the public against Russia. War may not have been mentioned yet, but the call is all too familiar to the one we heard in 2002 when being coerced into the Iraq War. Even with evidence of Russian tampering, this is certainly not enough to sacrifice the lives of American or Russian citizens. 

It is my hope that others feel the same way. To the best of my knowledge and my own convictions, the American people hold no aggressive intent or malice towards the Russian people. I would imagine the Russian people largely feel the same. Beyond the astounding hypocrisy of the United States government to condemn Russia on grounds of political destabilization, there is no basis upon which these actions are worth a war that would likely consume the globe - figuratively or literally. World War III is not something that should be unleashed by something so easily repaired as an election. 

The U.S. can more than afford a re-vote or a recount but there is no resource that exists on this Earth that can replace the millions - or even billions of lives that would be lost should in this war. If for no other reason but self-interest, why should the world burn for the sins of our governments? Demand Congress stop their saber rattling and remove an American-Russian war as an option for a political retaliation.

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