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Puerto Rico Aid

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On Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria, a powerful Category 5 hurricane with 150 mph winds, made direct landfall on the island of Puerto Rico, wiping out its infrastructure. What resulted is the largest catastrophic humanitarian crisis for Puerto Rico and the 3.4 million American inhabitants.
Our Congress has the power to effect change. We ask that you step up now and exercise that power. We ask that Congress consider three options for Housing and the Small Businesses. Both needed in order for the island and its people to rebuild.

• Please repeal the Jones Act. The rebuilding of any community, city, state or island is a monumental task. This will allow the international community to help as well as help with lowering costs of items needed to rebuild the island.

• Section 8 vouchers. We ask for a special waiver to grant Section 8 vouchers for the Puerto Rican impacted families to temporary relocate stateside while Puerto Rico and its infrastructure rebuilds. This will help the children continue their education, stabilize families to begin their own rebuilding process.

• Forbearance for mortgage payments for landowners and business owners. Impacted business owners and landowners who are without power, water and/or are unable to generate any or minimal income for a minimum of 6 months will need waivers and mortgage forbearance's while the island rebuilds. The Small Business Administration needs to begin the processing of assessing the damages. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!! Many Puerto Rican's are small business owners who have been financially impacted on two fronts- personally and their businesses. One cannot reopen, nor rebuild a business if the islands basic infrastructure is gone. . Please remember many of these small businesses' main source of income is the tourist industry which does not exist right now and in its current state of curfews will prohibit many of the restaurants and bars to generate income.

As Americans, watching this natural disaster occur and leave a path of destruction is a hard pill to swallow. We watched the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on August 25, Matthew hit the North Carolina coast in October 2016, and Hurricane Katrina, a Category 3, in 2009 hit New Orleans. All areas still recuperating from these natural disasters. The difference these states are not challenged with access because the only way you can get to Puerto Rico is by plane or water.

Please remember that while these 3.4 millions cant vote there are MANY of us in the US that can. Please act NOW!!!

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