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Hold off inauguration until info on Russia & other matters vetted by bipartisan committee


Prior to November 8th, and since, there has been mounting evidence of Russia's involvement in influencing and hacking our election. We cannot just let this stand. We cannot hope it doesn't happen "next time". We must prevent Trump from taking office. Or at the very least halt the inauguration until all the information regarding Russia from intelligence agencies and other valid sources can be thoroughly gone through and assessed by a bipartisan committee. New info emerged yesterday that adds to the multitude of reasons why Trump is not qualified to be leader of the most powerful country on earth, is emotionally unfit, is of immoral character, knows no difference between lies and the truth, and has dictatorial tendencies. The review may not yield the results we hope for, but it is owed to the American people to halt these proceedings till we know for sure. 

WE NEED TO ACT NOW! Running out of time!

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