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The organization KEEP TUCSON TOGETHER in the City of Tucson is gathering signatures to support the DACA program. These have been tough times for our DREAMERS. We need your help and cooperation. Like you may already know, the DACA program was canceled by President Donald Trump on September 5th of this year. These youngsters arrived to this country as little kids and many don't know any other country but this one. DREAMERS want to keep on fighting so that they may have a chance to live a life with dignity and respect and to be able to continue supporting their families. We invite you to be part of this movement-- to be able to help out those who need us today. Please, if you are for this noble cause, sign and support. 

 La Organizacion KEEP TUCSON TOGETHER de la ciudad de Tucson Az esta recaudando firmas para apoyar el programa DACA.. Son dias dificiles para nuestros DREAMERS o SOÑADORES , Necesitamos tu apoyo y cooperacion ...

Como sabran el programa DACA fue cancelado por el Presidente Donald Trump el 5 de Septiembre del año en curso, Estos jovenes que llegaron desde niños a este Pais, quieren seguir luchando para tener una vida digna y segura, apoyando a sus familias. 

Te invitanos a ser parte de esta lucha y resistencia para ayudar a los que hoy nos necesitan..Por favor si estas a favor de esta noble causa , firma y apoya 

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