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LENNON BROS Circus and STARDUST Circus are the only few circuses left in Australia with exotic animals, including lions and monkey's.

These animals are born in the circus & are caged & carted all over the country for entertainment purposes. Ticket prices are supporting the captivity of Wild exotic animals born to perform only for human entertainment and financial gain.

What are we teaching our children?

The RSPCA says, ‘Our policy is based on the fact that no circus, no matter how well managed, can provide an appropriate environment for wild animals but unless there is strong and active discouragement from the local community, circuses will continue to breed and train other wild animals for the sole purpose of performing.

Acting to prevent circuses using wild animals from appearing on council land sends a clear message that this activity is no longer acceptable to the Australian community.’   Exotic animals in circuses are routinely subjected to months on the road confined in small, barren cages.

These animals are forced to live in enclosures denying them every opportunity to express their natural behavior and their training is often based on fear and punishment as revealed by numerous undercover investigations.

As circuses play no meaningful role in education or conservation, the lifelong suffering of these animals continues only for the sake of a few minutes of entertainment.

Around the world, the plight of animals in circuses is increasingly heard. National, regional and local governments in at least 30 countries have already banned the use of exotic or all animals in circuses.

Australia is very behind on this, however local councils have started to step up and now longer allow them on their land.

Please Bundaberg City Council, don't condone cruelty and support this cruel life for these beautiful animals.

Please ban exotic animal circuses from using our land.


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