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Friday 6th of July 2018.

To whom it may concern,

*The closure of the Misterton Children Centre*

It has been announced that the Misterton Children Centre will close imminently due to funding issues with the Bassetlaw County Council. No public consultation occurred in relation to this closure and parents were left baffled when it was announced that some staff at the centre were being left unable to continue their roles. Bassetlaw County Council is disregarding the needs of the community and have demonstrated a lack of interest in the democratic principle of public discussion on the future of services provided by the centre. 

The centre provides many services including: Midwife appointments, weigh clinic for babies, bumps and babes play group, stay and play group, childminder’s group, holiday activities, health visiting team appointments, drop in support for mothers, baby massage classes, paediatric first aid courses, weaning classes and other services provided on a needs basis.

The centre also provides benefits which are not quantifiable such as excellent informal support for mothers dealing with issues such as depression, potty training, mums health, development, sleep issues, nutrition, signposting of other services, health and diet, speech and language development, domestic violence, and feeding issues.

This will impact young families and future generations across the wider area and will mean that the closest children centre would be in Retford. The closure will have its most drastic impact on mothers and other caregivers who do not have the support network to go to other children centres in the wider area. This cut will particularly affect vulnerable members of our community, those who cannot drive, those with disabilities, those on low incomes and those without any support network. This may led to more vulnerable people ‘slipping through the net’ and not receiving the support that they need when they need it. No thought has been given to the impact that this decision will have on the wellbeing of the service users, or to the human cost of this decision.

Since the news has broken many mothers have taken to social media sharing stories of how the Misterton centre has supported them and we have over 200 members in our group within the first 24 hours- this shows that the community is willing to support the centre and it hasn’t even been given the chance to do so. Many mothers have shared stories of how the centre has helped their family and how this closure will impact their lives.

There was no prior warning from Bassetlaw Council. It is unclear whether alternative sources of funding such as grants were considered before this decision was made by people who have no direct use (and clearly no interest) in the services provided.

The centre is a lifeline for the community helping with isolation and depression for many parents and caregivers. Bassetlaw county council have shown a clear disregard to the needs of our community and those within it who are the most vulnerable, Bassetlaw County Council have shown a clear disregard to the needs of our community and the most vulnerable within it. This move is short sighted as many of the services that the centre provides led to better outcomes for our children.

So please, invest in our children to protect our future and SAVE OUR CENTRE.


Yours faithfully,

The concerned community.


P.S. we are currently collecting signatures and have started an online petition, we will forward the results of this as soon as it is completed.


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