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Protest the loss of Model School Status at Queen Victoria PS in Parkdale, Toronto

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Tell Our Director of Education John Malloy, to keep QV Model School Status!

We weren't consulted - we were told! Is this how we want our educators to lead and inspire?

We want John Malloy to meet with us IN PERSON

Our model school status should NOT be taken away.

Queen Victoria PS, in Toronto's South Parkdale community, has lost its Inner City School Model School Status for 2017/18.

South Parkdale’s local school, has been a shining example of TDSB’s Equity Mandate. This is a well functioning school. The school has successfully avoided many of the tensions that can occur when there is a diverse population. This outcome is owed to the financial resources provided through our status as a TDSB Inner City Model School.

Recent PCED (Parkdale Community Economic Development) data of the geographic region of South Parkdale demonstrates a high need for further economic resources in the community.

90% of residents are renters.
34 % of the population live in poverty. The city rate is 19%.
47% of population is spending 30% or more (above guideline) of household total income on shelter costs.
Unemployment rate is 13%. The city rate is 9%.
51% of population is born outside of Canada.
It is important to note that South Parkdale has been designated as a Neighbourhood Improvement Area by the City. Out of 140 neighbourhoods, 31 neighbourhoods had scores that put them “below the benchmark” for a strong neighbourhood. South Parkdale was 10th on this list.
The determinants for the Model Funding School are based on a Learning Opportunities Index or LOI. There are 150 spots reserved for the Model School funding. Last year the number was greater.

The results of the data collection are inaccurate. The inclusion of bused students from outside of Parkdale, and a possible reflection of local house prices, skews data and results in an inaccurate and unfair assessment of our community, disqualifying the school from Model School status. Meanwhile, the life of Parkdale children has not changed and remains, in many cases, precarious. Our concern is this data has skewed the LOI results. There is a danger in using a median in communities of extreme concentration of wealth/poverty. In addition, without access to any aggregates or metrics, our community cannot determine what this median reflects.

The lack of transparency creates suspicion in the data collection and methodology. City Studies and Private Studies have different data based solely on the geographic location of South Parkdale.

How does the TDSB account for these disparities?
Why is there no access for community to receive macro data from the census?
Changing the funding model towards the end of the school year without proper community consultation leaves parents and community members no time to effectively consider the ramifications.
This leaves the impression that the TDSB is pushing through harmful changes without proper protocol. This does not fit with TDSB’s own equity mandate.

This inequitable decision will not only create a 2 tiered school environment for the student body, separating the haves and have nots, but will also affect the local community in which the school is housed.

We recognize that many TDSB schools now have bused in communities attending their schools but this only highlights the crucial need to rectify the flawed census gathering data.

Call to Action:
TDSB review of QV PS status
To have TDSB and Trustees come to the table, with parent and community involvement, to discuss this issue further. Mtg is currently scheduled for the 29th of June at 9:30am.

We want John Malloy to meet with us IN PERSON

Our model school status should NOT be taken away.

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