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Ask the Government of Tanzania to Enforce that Female Genital Mutilation is Illegal

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Female Genital Mutilation is a cultural practice dating back to ages ago in which a woman- or in most cases- a young girl has parts of her vagina removed or mutated. The practice has no health benefits- in fact, it almost always leads to serious health complications and severe damage both mentally and physically to the woman. Sometimes, it results in death. 

Although Tanzania has taken great measures by banning the practice, this law has not been significantly enforced. Therefore, many people continue to practice this. 

There are numerous reasons as to why the population commits to this practice. For instance, one is to ensure a woman maintains her virginity so her male companion in the future can have a more pleasing sexual experience, or it is representative of a girl’s initiation into womanhood. Sometimes it is done due to uneducated people believing that clitorises grow into the sizes of penises if not cut early enough, so in efforts to resolve that, they cut off the clitoris in the girl’s early stages. The most crucial contribution to the survival of this tradition is that in most communities, female genital mutilation is a prerequisite for marriage as it assures the man that his potential bride had not engaged in any sexual affairs that disregarded him. Although a variety of purposes, each of them promote misogynistic perspectives and sex inequality. Not only does this issue concern cultural and political conflicts, but it also demonstrates the stigma surrounding women that the society continues to grow.

Ending female genital mutilation will not only save women, and even young girls, all around the world but it will also be an international step forward to gender equality and rights/respect for women.

By signing this petition, you show that you care about the rights of girls and women across the world. Women should be able to do what they want with their own bodies. They should make choices on their own to keep them protected and safe.

We want to encourage his excellency, the president of Tanzania, to follow three main steps to achieve liberation from the practice. 
1. Educate.
We ask of him to prioritize educating the entire population on the negative effects of FGM. It is important that citizens fully understand why FGM is an unacceptable practice. It is also crucial to teach women to stand up for themselves and not abide by the practice so they can fit in. They should be taught important things like gender equality. 
2. Provide resources.
Even if we stop FGM today, women who have FGM performed on them will continue to live. As of fact, hundreds of millions of girls today have had FGM done to them. It is crucial to provide mental and physical therapy for those who have had their lives limited due to their FGM.  
3. Never stop.
The last thing we ask is to never give up on this fight. 

Thank you so much for your attention. 

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