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September 18, 2019 is the due date! We've only got 4 days!

The Hastings County Council approved an aggregate quarry for Freymond Lumber by a vote of 9-3 in June.

Forces have arisen to have this vote overturned by any means possible.

You are allowed to contribute your comments to the Ontario government up until this Wednesday. (Sep 18/19)

The Freymond family have run their business responsibly for many decades. They seem to be under attack for being too close (to everything I guess)! I just noticed that Freymond Lumber is about 600m from Quarry Road! Ironic or what?!

Please help the Freymond family:

  • Sign this petition.
  • Pass this petition on to anyone you may think would be concerned (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • John MacDonald is the Municipal representative for our area. Email him at or just call him at 613-545-2113.
  • Daryl Kramp is our MPP. Email him at or phone him at 613-308-9625