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Stop Campus Rape

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The problem that I am trying to solve is the issue of rape and sexual assault of women on college campuses. Being a woman and a college student myself, this issue hits really close to home for me. Though I have never experienced it myself, does not mean that it’s not happening to girls across the country that are just like me. I am tired of always having to look over my shoulder when I am in Atlanta at Georgia State University late at night finishing up work in the library and walking to my car, praying that nothing will happen. Because I know that all the women that are on campus every day or night are praying that same prayer as I do, regardless of their religion or race.

I set out to try to fix this issue for a project in one of my classes, but now it’s become more than that. I want to do more than just help fix it, I want to end it for good. Did you know that 1 in 5 women will be a victim of sexual assault while in college, while only 4% of men will be sexually assaulted according to Those numbers are huge disparities and are effecting the future generations of women that will be doctors, lawyers and hopefully congresswomen.

Unlike the bill that was recently passed that helped to protect men that are accused of sexual assault and the new bill also doesn't allow the school to start its own investigation until a criminal one is completed. Which sounds completely fair and reasonable, but if you knew anything about victims you would know that many victims don't report it to law enforcement but instead just tell the school and let them punish the student. This is all because victims don't want to go through the trauma of an investigation and trial that comes with law enforcement involvement. But, instead allows the school to just expel the accused and reports it to the police, but good luck if the case actually makes it to court.

In sum, I just want to feel safer on campus and in downtown Atlanta in general. I think that for things to change programs and classes need to be implemented to rehabilitate those who commit such horrific acts, as it has been proven that simply locking them up and throwing away the key does nothing.


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