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Dismiss the Grand Juries and Demand the reinstatement of the runaway jurors.

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Black people, Latinos, LGBT - GET PISSED OFF!  It's 2017 and we're being forced to fear for our lives daily.  Our children, men, and women are being executed by police officers who have sworn to protect us. Police officers who are disgusting Cowards that have taken jobs that require courage.  Pathetic Cowards who view us as animals. At the same time, true police officers are being punished for defending our rights.  Watch this video of officers who explain how they're expected to victimize innocent citizens in our neighborhoods: 

We must unite to make sure that our people who have no vote, our people that have no power are protected under our 4th Amendment rights!   We must unite to force legislators to dismiss the grand juries and reinstate the runaway jurors are.  This will solve the problem of Judges and DAs abusing power and  continuing allow our loved ones to be executed with no accountability. As a mother, grandmother, of Black children, I say failure is not an option.

COMMON, (Hip Hop Artist, Activist), said it best when he said: "We are a people of love, of greatness, of life, of forgiveness, of strength and of victory. As we take these steps toward justice and equality, let's all remember that it begins with Love."  

We must pledge to allow our thinking and actions to be guided by love. Not by hate of the police officers and legislators who serve us with injustice everyday, but by the LOVE that we have for ours and our need to protect them (

We must pledge not to be controlled by fear, but instead by our dreams (

We'll never change the racist, unjust practices of the people that enforce the law because They Hate Us.  In the video that follows, listen this DA speak on the fallacy of our justice system.  Grand juries not indicting police officers is an ex parte (one-sided) proceeding.  The executioners of our people are set free at the sole discretion of prosecutors.  They control what charges, what witnesses, what evidence,and how the evidence is presented.  It is all orchestrated. Defense attorneys aren't allowed to speak to the grand jury.  Once a NO TRUE BILL is decided, there's NO INDICTMENT and CASE is DISMISSED.

 SIGN THE PETITION. Let's protect our loved ones. Give them a chance in court by sanding firm in our cause.  End the obliteration of our people by a system that is all too determined to destroy us in every way.


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