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This petition is important for T-Mobile customers because the BlackBerry Z30 can bring a very exciting experience to those who haven’t tried it yet. The Z30 is so far the most powerful, efficient, intuitive BlackBerry phone ever built, and if the Z30 is not made available for the millions of T-Mobile customers, they will not know what they’re missing.

It is important that Z30 is made available it is because BlackBerry built this phone with our needs in mind. BlackBerry listened to what we demanded and they did their part building this amazing phone, now it is T-Mobile’s turn to deliver the phone to us with their amazing phone financing and plans.

The BlackBerry Z30 offers a 5’ screen, wonderfully loud speakers, HDMI direct port for TV connectivity, and also it supports Android apps with the new OS update. With the Z30 you can better enjoy all the big apps such as; Netflix, Instagram, Vines, SnapChat, Candy Crush, Spotify, Temple Run, Minecraft, and many more! Just name it, if its available on android you can install it on your BlackBerry.

 A lot of people asked “what the point of installing Androids apps on a BlackBerry instead of getting an Android phone” The point is that the BlackBerry 10 OS can bring a much fun experience while you enjoy all the apps you love.

Letter to
CEO John Legere
T-Mobile Media Relations
John Legere, we're proud of having you as our wireless provider. You changed the game for all the US wireless carriers, and now many of us BlackBerry fans ask you to offer the BlackBerry Z30 and previous BlackBerry 10 phones in your stores so we can enjoy the best wireless carrier with our favorite phone.
A lot of customers from other wireless carriers are willing to take the leap into the amazing T-mobile network just for the BlackBerry Z30.

Please give us more options, and let BlackBerry phones be one of them.

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