Petition Closed

After 7 years of immigration proceedings, the US Embassy in Sana'a has issued Abdulnasser yet another meaningless delay attempt. When petitioned for assistance, Rep. Larson's office told us they would not threaten their "colleagues" in Yemen, effectively neglecting and refusing to help their constituents, and instead protecting the government. Help us demand that Rep. Larson's office do their job to protect the rights of the people and a legal immigrant, not their coworkers.

Letter to
United States Secretary of State John Kerry
Congressman John Larson
Deputy Constituency Director Beth A. Monchun
and 2 others
President of the United States Barak H. Obama
Secretary of State John Kerry
Bring Abdulnasser Home!
The additional khat "testing" being demanded of Abdulnasser is fraudulent and needlessly delaying. Despite acknowledgement by the US Embassy in Sana'a that the doctor conducting medical exams was corrupt, such as taking patient's money and not submitting paperwork and marking medical exams incorrectly in order to be bribed, the only medical exam that should now matter is the new exam Abdulnasser brought with him to the interview on June 4th in a sealed envelope, as instructed. However, before this evidence was presented to them, embassy staff handed Abdulnasser a document dated May 29th ordering him to endure another year of tests, which are nothing more than verbal acknowledgements, despite proof that he does not use khat. This testing is superfluous, being only verbal and not acknowledging there is no test to prove the continued use or disuse of khat. Abdulnasser has fulfilled the obligations of his visa application for the last seven years, and such blatant disregard for his cooperation and the rights of he and his wife, American citizen Rachelle Fawcett, cannot be tolerated.
Your response on June 6th indicating that you would not seek any action against the embassy in Yemen, effectively ignoring all the evidence presented to you, refusing to grant a meeting with Rachelle during which she could bring physical documentation, is evidence of a total lack of concern or regard for your constituents and the rights of an American citizen to have her husband, who has made every effort to emigrate to the United States legally, with her. The job of our elected officials is to believe and support the people, not their coworkers.
The demands being made by this petition are thus:
1. Launch an investigation of the handling of Abdulnasser's IR1 petition at the American Embassy in Yemen.
2. Call the American Ambassador in Yemen, Ambassador Feierstein, to discuss this case, and demand his full cooperation in granting Abdulnasser's visa.
3. To not simply send an email or make a phone call, and then present it to Rachelle and Abdulnasser as if nothing more can be done.
4. To aggressively, assertively, and positively support Rachelle and Abdulnasser until Abdulnasser's visa is issued and he is safely in the United States.

To refuse to take action, or to take only minimal action, is not acceptable. While we argue daily about what amnesty undocumented immigrants should be offered, we cannot ignore the abuse and continued delays that an immigrant married to an American citizen for 7 years, during which time he has faithfully fulfilled all obligations of totally legal entry into the United States, has been forced to face. We demand that Rachelle and Abdulnasser's case be supported until Abdulnasser is safely on American soil.
Any other response is unacceptable. An American citizen who has followed the law has the right to be with her husband. An immigrant who has followed all rules and regulations, paid all fees, met all deadlines, and cooperated fully despite being able to prove corrupt allegations against his health, has the right to be reunited with his wife in the United States without enduring any continued abuse. We demand that our elected officials do their job to serve and protect the people, not their colleagues, and to treat the people with respect, compassion, and dignity.
We demand that Abdulnasser's visa be granted.