Annette Johnson needs to resign from the East Aurora School Board.

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Join my call for Annette Johnson to resign at the May 2nd School Board Meeting

I want to thank the 334 people who have signed my petition calling on Annette Johnson to resign. Over 3,000 people have viewed the video of her verbally abusing staff. Annette has only become increasingly reckless since I posted the audio clip of her verbally abusing district 131 staff. During the last board meeting she effectively removed four top administrators without cause. This comes on the heels of removing our Superintendent with no clear cut plan to replace him. Unfortunately, the only hope that our district has, is you, the District 131 Community. Will you join me in our fight - a fight to restore fairness, good judgement, and sanity for the good of our children. The next school board meeting is on May 2nd at 7:00 PM at the School Administrative Service Center (517 Fifth St., Aurora, IL). If enough people plan on attending, the meeting will most likely be moved to the East Aurora High School (500 Tomcat Ln., Aurora, IL). If you plan on speaking, please show up early and sign in for public comment. You have to be signed in by 7:00 p.m. You will only be given three minutes to make your comments. If you have experienced abuse from Annette Johnson, please think about sharing that story with the rest of the board. If you do not want to speak, then please simply show up and wear red – Tomcat colors

John Laesch
5 years ago