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We the good people of Pender seek FAIR FUEL PRICES on Pender Island

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Long since has been the debate as to "Why are gas prices always so much higher on Pender Island than most of the rest of the country?" Rumors float abound - BC Ferry costs? Greed? That's what monopolies do?, and on it goes. As this subject has once again reared its ugly head in the public forum, this petition serves notice that the fine People of Pender, and those that visit, demand a truthful explanation, and one that would hold up in a court of law. To that end, this petition is being circulated to not only those who live on Pender but those who come and visit as well. 

As is our right in this democracy, the fine people of Pender want to know why the monopolizing gas station on the Island is routinely 30 cents or more a liter above those fuel prices just over the water in Sidney and Victoria, and why are our local fuel prices are routinely higher than those of our neighboring islands, who for the most part are at the end of the BC Ferry run and therefor geographically even further by Ferry than is Pender Island. 

To my great neighbors, this petition is your chance to deliver a message to those who control our fuel prices and to let them know how our local high prices effect your life. For me personally, I find a good deal of my income goes to fuel just so that I can afford to go around and service my clients. I find my recreational activity, such as fishing has been literally cut in half, and not once in 10 years have I raised my prices, in fact for the most part they have come down considerably. Restaurant prices have skyrocketed while I have noticed food portions diminishing and when you ask, it always reverts back to how much it costs to operate over here due largely in part to high fuel costs and BC Ferries. My suggestion, 5 cents over town prices and I’ll fill up gladly. What’s your solution?

Please sign and make your opinion heard or forever hold your tongue and pay more and more and more as the years go by! 

as a footnote, gas in Inuvik is $1.31 per liter and $.84.4 in Edmonton as of Sept. 22, 2017.



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