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Stop Hitting Children in School

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When we think of children, we think of the smallest, most innocent and vulnerable members of our family, community and society. Parents go to any length to protect their children from harm, to keep them safe. 

But in 19 states across the USA, it is still legal for a teacher to strike a child. Not just with an open hand, but with a paddle. Our children- those we love and want to protect from all physical harm - are at risk every day of getting a beating from the very teachers we entrust to teach them and keep them safe.

Would you give blanket permission to teachers in your child's school to hit your child when they saw fit?

Children deserve the same protection as any citizen from assault. More in fact, as they are unable to defend themselves and can be psychologically traumatized by corporal punishment, as numerous studies and articles have shown given the violation of trust inherent in having a teacher cause them physical pain.

Congressional bill H.R. 2268 calls for the banning of corporal punishment in schools. Introduced in May 2015, it is currently in committee in the House of Representatives and needs to be passed by that committee in order to move on to the full House for a vote, the first major step towards being passed into law.

Please send a message to the Chairman of the committee, the Ranking Member and a select group of senior members that this Bill must pass. That keeping our children safe from harm, especially by role models in our schools, must be a priority and that there is no excuse for this Bill to not move forward. The idea that, in 2015, corporal punishment is still legal anywhere in the United States is archaic and an embarrassment to our country.

You can also contact your local Representative to ask them to support the Bill through this excellent website:

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