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Stop gore street lane apartment complex construction to create a small dog walking park.

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Construction on gore street and beach road.

Every day Auckland city is rattled by the conundrum of construction projects. Our city grows bigger and better every single day, at the cost of sound pollution, and as it grows louder and bigger, so do our stress levels.

Auckland city is in dire need of a public park for walking dogs.

Auckland city lacks the facilities for dog owners to exercise their fury friends. Walking is proven to reduce stress and increase the happiness of the walker, and the lack of park reduces the incentive to own a dog for central city dwellers.

Bringing dog ownership to the city

Dog ownership in the city is difficult due to lack of space for dogs, and nowhere really to walk them. Few owners walk their dogs on the streets, but it is less than ideal with no scope for the dogs to explore or run, and most people opt out of dog ownership completely. A public dog walking park would allow more people in the central city to own dogs. 

Dog ownership reduces stress

Dog ownership has a direct statistic correlation with happiness and levels, and an inverse relationship with high stress levels. Having a dog would prove greatly useful to the happiness and in turn the productivity and well being of city dwellers making for a happier, more efficient city. The presence of dogs benifits both owners, and bystanders because lets be honest. Who doesn't love a look at a good old dog?

Dog ownership is beneficial to the productivity and happiness of our city, and we should prioritise allowing these two traits to blossom by enabling dog ownership and walking in our city. Increase dog foot traffic is both beneficial to owners and bystanders, and we hope to get your support for our cause.

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