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Stop NZ fishing companies from using foreign crewed fishing vessels

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John Key - Prime Minister of New Zealand: Stop NZ fishing companies using foreign crewed fishing vessels in NZ waters .

 The Government recently announced it is to require reflagging of foreign-owned fishing vessels operating in New Zealand waters to address labour, safety and fisheries practice concerns.

They admit there is a serious problem. We don’t think their actions go far enough as we believe that, while the welfare of the foreign crews will be increased, these vessels will still be able to continue to:

1. Dump large amounts of fish on a regular basis

2. Fish in large gangs of factory boats, trawling almost the entire water column over huge areas of water 24/7 with the fish being processed onboard

3. Do whatever they want when there are no observers on board or when the observer is asleep

4. Turn our potentialy higher value fish stocks into low value products such as pastes that are used overseas to flavour non fish products

5. Turn any fish into paste while on the water which means that they can easily “disguise” by-catch (the fish they were not targeting) as being legitimate catch because it is unrecognizable as a paste.

The recent TV3 documentary called 'The Price of Fish" (watch on demand here for a limited time) highlighted some serious problems as outlined above.

Remember, these are Kiwi companies that are employing these boats to do this. The Kiwi companies are as much a part of the problem as the boats committing these horrific acts.

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