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Offer Asylum to the Individuals on Trial in Nigeria, Accused of Participating in a Gay Organization

Dear Secretary of State John Kerry,

10 innocent individuals are in peril in Nigeria. They need protection.

Now that the Nigeria's new anti-gay law has taken effect, these men could be punished simply for participating in a gay organization, whether or not they themselves are gay or bisexual. But that's only the beginning of the problem. AFP reports, mobs are demanding swift penalties and even death for these individuals; they have become so angry and violent that the trials have been delayed.  Even if the men are found to be innocent by the courts, their very lives are in danger if they are released.  A lawyer defending them advised that they NOT seek bail because they would face even graver danger outside of jail. If they are convicted, they may face up to 10 years in prison. The court hearing their cases has already proven its willingness to act upon this new law and recently sentenced a man to whipping and fines.

If or when these men are released, their lives are in danger and the mob may very well kill some or all of them. The United States has opposed the formation and implementation of this Nigerian law, as it should.  We cannot abandon this fight now. It is our moral obligation not to abandon these innocent men.  We must stand up for these human rights violations and uphold the dignity of human life.

Offering these men asylum would send a direct message that the United States denounces the criminalization of LGBT people and their allies. It may even save their lives.

Thank you for your consideration,

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